Are Cell Phone Jammer Allowed In School?

Alright heres the scoop I got to vo-tec in Scranton, PA and I was wondering if it is legal for them to install a cell phone jammer in school? They just put one up and from what i’ve heard its illegal unless they get a permit from the FCC which from what I have heard is quite hard to do. Just wondering if anyone has any info they could leave me?

2 responses on “Are Cell Phone Jammer Allowed In School?

  1. Compressed Fart Tycoon

    Wow, thanks for the scoop.

    Yes, it is legal. And it is not hard to get a permit if you are a school.

    Put down the cell phone and do your school work.

  2. Actions have consequences

    I guess they felt it was easier than just confiscating phones. Good on them.

    Yes, it’s legal.

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