Are Cell Phone Jammers Illegal in Schools?

If anyone is unfamiliar with what a cell phone jammer is, it a device used to block people’s cell phone connections within a certain radius, rendering them useless. One of the teachers in my high school (public school) uses one so nobody within a certain area (in and out of her own classroom) can use their phone (even teachers). My question is, is this legal or illegal? I know that they are illegal in the United States with up to an ,000 fine and one year in jail, but does this apply to schools? Thanks.
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  1. jslinderml

    The previous poster is incorrect. Right now it is illegal to jam wireless communications anywhere in the US except in conjunction with an active law enforcement operation.

    The problem is there is too much risk of the jammers interfering with emergency communications, plus there are specific issues regarding theft of service because wireless carriers purchase the rights to certain spectrums.

    Now, the flip side is that up until 2007 at least, no one has been prosecuted for using a jammer, in most cases, the person has it confiscated and gets a warning.

  2. Drixnot

    legal in schools.

    The reason they made it illegal is that it infringes other peoples rights to use cell phones.

    Example … I can’t use one in my house because it would interfer with my neighbors.

    But in school there is no right for you to be using a cell phone and in fact they are banned items in many schools.

    they have them in the schools around here … but it is possible the police are involved maybe.

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