Are cell phone jammers illegal in the US?

My friends and I are graduating and we want to get our band director a thank you gift. We were thinking about getting him a cell phone jammer because he is always yelling at the class for using their phones, but I am not sure if they are actually legal or not.

5 responses on “Are cell phone jammers illegal in the US?

  1. FreeZe

    It’s legal in some states. But only to companies that provide services that would need it. Such as a movie theater where you are not supposed to be using your phone in the first place. Personal use is illegal.

  2. CRex

    Yes, they’re illegal. However, you can still get them shipped here cause they’re common overseas and enforcement of the ban isn’t really a big thing unless you’re jamming a whole block. Since its a federal crime to do the jamming most cops wouldn’t know what to do if they came across one.

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