Are cellphone jammers being used in your school?

teachers confiscating phones can be forgotten. The same goes if they take the battery away as well. Disrupting the teacher wastes time for the entire class, so I’m wondering if these jammers are being implemented to prevent texting and calling during/between classes instead of the original method of dealing with cell phone disruption.

Average devices have a range up to 150 feet, so many would be needed for larger schools. Do you think they help you focus during class instead of waiting for that message about from your friends?
These devices do exist and only jam the cell signals/bands. There is a phone in every room for emergency calls and hall monitors or other staff members use radios of instant communication to administration in case of an emergency.

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  1. Haley

    When I was in high school, the administration thought about implementing them, but then the teachers made big deal about how they needed to be able to use theirs cell phones.

  2. Jonas J

    yes but i just dont think it possible with our current jamming technology

    they would have to be put in every other classroom about and pretty much all over the place

    i definately think schools need to spend money on more important things at the moment..but maybe one day in the future

    and yes, it would make me never want to bring my phone to school again

  3. Steven M

    seems like agood idea, when i was school i wasted a lot of time texting and calling friends.

  4. Bmx_Wifey[chrismas in 10 days]

    they dont use them in my school but only because we have some towers that are used for ham radio and all. it kinda works all together. my old school let us have cell phones in class and use them too. i miss that!

  5. deeppost

    I think its a great idea, but students should still be able to access 911 in an emergency.

  6. Jonathon A

    honestly don’t text in class (i am a heavy text-er – 50,000 txt a month) but most people who do text are annoying but i only think it would be a kind of bad idea if they did… what if a teen had to make a emergency call or w/e its a 50/50 choice but other than that sounds like a ok idea.

  7. gogogirl

    In my high school there was something built in the walls that was supposed to stop the signals. It worked in most rooms downstairs, but upstairs cells were always going off. Teachers also had the right to "destroy" the phones if they wanted, but most of them just gave them back. It’s a new technological era, kids don’t care anymore.

  8. zetramax

    my school doesn’t and it seems that it would also be a hazard. with all the schoolyard shootings going on if something happened it would take forever to call the police and things would proly have gone bad.

  9. Headlessmunky

    First of all the School has no right to take the phones, When they pay for the phone bill they can take it. It doesnt disrupt class, 99% of kids put them on silent. The kids can deal with failing if there not paying attention. Schools should quit worring about kids failing, like colleges do. if you fail o well its not the teachers fault its your own. Cell phone jammers is stupid if there was an emergency like a shooting or it could be used as terrorism if a terrorist or a threat came into a school, They leave em on and do what they need to.

    So let the kids have there phone.

  10. David M

    Cell phones are prohibited in our schools during class times. I have often thought that "jammers" would be a good way to handle the problem. As stated, every time the teacher has to stop teaching to handle a discipline issue, it detracts from the effectiveness of the class.
    In our district, the student can pick their confiscated phone up at the end of the day, after the first offense. After that, a parent or guardian has to come in to get it.
    There has been some concern over safety or legality issues surrounding the use of jammers, so we have not implemented their use as of yet. The ones I have researched have effective ranges of a 200, 400, and 600 foot radius.

  11. kf433y

    Never heard of them either. Either way, if a student does not care to pay attention in class they will do the same wheather they have a Jammer of a cell phone.


    At this time Jammers are illegal to use except for law enforcement. They should be legal because too many aholes do not know when or not when to use a phone. School, churches, temples, theaters are just a few places where they should be used.

  13. [: midnight madness :]

    nope, we don’t have them. the teachers just take them.
    if we have an emergency like and the SWAT team has to come, we always have our phones. lolz

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