Are teachers allowed to put cameras in classrooms?

I was wondering whether or not teachers are allowed to put cameras in classrooms to spy on students and see if they are texting. Does it violate a student’s rights? And what do you think of having cell phone jammers put in class rooms?

If you don’t know what a cell phone jammer is, it’s basically a device that sends out strong signals to cancel out the signal of cell phones.

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  1. Wendy b

    In Europe the norm is to have cell phone jammers in most businesses and hospitals etc. As far as the cameras I think it is legal except in the bathrooms. ??

  2. Mark

    There are actually some cameras in classrooms in our school district. It is within the powers of the school district to "keep order" to have cameras.

    I think cell phone jammers are going a bit too far.

  3. Michael O

    Yes they can do this. No it does not violate student rights.

    One thing to remember during school. Students have very few rights as the school is normally able to do a wide assortment of functions that normally may not be acceptable in other public institutions.

    However, cell phone jammers would definitely be invading rights and is a severe security hazard. If a crisis occurred and you wanted to call 911 for help for instance, you wouldn’t be able to.

  4. Mommy2BeOf3

    As a parent, i feel that a cell phone could be the most important instrument in a classroom any more. You never know what is going to happen and those cell phones could save your life. I don’t think it’s legal to put a camera in unless it is approved by the school board. The way i see it, is it they fail, they fail….they should pay attention.

  5. Capone

    That decision would have to come from the local school board. I would find it difficult to believe that an individual teacher would be able to implement such a choice.

  6. Faith In God

    In this day and age they are allowed to do whatever they want as long as the school board gives the ok. Back when I was in school when a teacher stepped out she assigned a student to report to her while she was away. I’ve never heard of a cellphone jammer but I do think that is taking things to far. The teachers should just say no cellphones allowed in the classroom. Instead of playing the cellphone police.

  7. blackheart_987

    Just get use to cameras. They are in schools,classes,school buses, play grounds,parking lot,malls,store, building, elevator,office’s,gas stations, Parks,stadiums. look around and smile. You are not suppose to have cell phone in school. so why worry about jammers, who could you tell, that the cell phone, you are not suppose to have, does not work. You are whipping a dead horse here, girl

  8. wendy c

    Not long ago, a teacher was beaten by students in her classroom. I guess a camera would have violated the students rights to beat the teacher in privacy?
    WHY do students believe that they have a right to privacy in a classroom? Cameras have become standard on school buses..for the protection of not only other students, but the drivers.
    Students have no right to be texting in class.. thus, being caught texting is not spying.. it is a means of enforcing the rules, when students defy them.

  9. eastacademic

    yes to cameras, yes to jammers.

    Students have few individual rights as school, as the courts require that the school set up safety for *all* of the kids. That is the governing rule for school districts. If they determine that it is safer to wear uniforms, search lockers, install cameras – then that is what they will do.

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