can i order a cell phone jammer?

I heard there places that offer cell phone jammers for sale since I’m not going to use them for illegal use. If i were to order one could it get taken away while being processed at the postal facility?
if they do get stopped by customs will i get my money back its a small shipment but still..

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  1. JP

    Though in most countries, it is illegal for private citizens to jam cell phone transmission, some countries are allowing businesses and government organizations to install jammers in areas where cell phone use is seen as a public nuisance.

  2. BlkBear

    Depends on the company that is selling them. Supposedly you can’t buy them and have them shipped to the US or any other country they can not legally be bought or sold… (but anything you can buy online can be delivered to your front door), especially by companies that don’t care.

    So yes you can order them, whether or not it will arrive at your front door, is another matter and depends if the postmasters/customs agents in your town know to watch for certain company names on packages or not, or auto scanners flag certain company bar code or addresses, as things to be checked. I know that this is hit and miss with drugs like Steroids, some get stopped at customs or the post office and others don’t, even with the same labeling from/to the same addresses.

  3. Neil

    "I heard there illegeal but im not going to use them for illegal use."

    Well if you heard "there illegeal" what use other than illegal use do you suppose there is for them?

    Yes, they can be taken away before or after delivery to you. The good news is if they are taken before delivery you cannot go to jail for it.

    Oh, the other thing you should know is that cell phones uses several different frequency bands and, unless you get a multi-band jamming device it might well be ineffective against… now who was it you were trying to block?

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