can we put cellphone jammers in vehicles to avoid roadside bombs?

it seems like many of the attacks on our troops are the result of a remote explosive being set off by a cell phone. I know the technology exists to block calls in buildings like movie theatres and I was wondering why it hasn’t been adapted to mobile ability. A cell phone jammer would give our troops a buffer area around their vehicles.

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  1. c1523456

    Maybe, it is being done now. Why should the military tell the press everything because the press want us to loose in Iraq.

  2. Jason

    Yes, but it could/would also interfere with the communications devices in the vehicles themselves. Also, many IEDs are being detonated by trip wire or other non-electronic means.

  3. Matt

    cell phone blocking has been worked on for years for this reason and has saved the life of President Musharef of Pakistan several times. There are several problems with this, first being that it doesnt work that well inside a moving vehicle. For example, if you keep the jammer inside the humvee, creating technology that will follow the humvee and create a moving buffer zone around the moving humvee is pretty high tech stuff. Keeping a jammer in a stationary area, like a movie theater, is much easier. Also, new tactics have made roadside bombs much less deadly recently. Suicide bombers with bombs strapped to their body or in cars seem to be the target since the terrorists seem to have an unlimited supply of people that want to die. So, if you cut off all cellular technology in iraq, that still wont stop the crazy people that want to die. The new buffalo seems to have worked wonders with these IEDs and you hear less and less about soldiers getting killed from them while ridding in these vehicles.

  4. David H

    YES! cant give much away on how and what it is. But The Brits do have that equipment and the Americans are after it. For the first time, we are refusing to sell. Sorry guys. I have worked with this equipment and it really works! We can detonate their roadside bombs on approach!

  5. rich

    "Dave" and many other Brits are sick-minded freaks. No, there is no serious use of technology like this being used on a large scale, however it has been in development for a while. The British government would never go into a war with their american allies and refuse to help them with military technology. It is sad to say that the British government are strong friends of the American people, however the British citizens obviously are not. For whatever reason, these europeans, even the ones fighting in this war, want to lose and will say the cruelest and most disturbing things just to get themselves off at night. What a world they live in.

  6. merry_rdr_of_rohan

    WRONG DAVID!! Im in the military . . . and you are right about not being able to reveal too many details, but the "Brits" aren’t keeping that kind of tech from the U.S. That would be jeopardize too many peoples’ lives. I’ve worked with alot of British soldiers and I know that the British Soldiers, and British in general wouldnt be that selfish. I dont know who you think you are, or what you think you know, but you are sadly mistaken. Yes you can "Jam" IED detonators per-say, but no one holds a monopoly on that technology . . . it is a joint effort to save peoples lives: the lives of the soldiers in this war, and the lives of the civilians in the cross fire.

    Think before you type dave, you really sounded ignorant with that response.

  7. abu

    how says it dosnot adapted by occupied USA army . here in Iraq usa troops use the jammers to block the signals from mobile phone and other remot radio and it is very effective in its work but they face problem that most roadside bomb now is wired means fighters use wire instead of remot radio signals

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