cell phone jammers?

I am so sick of these inconsiderate boobs with cell phones in public that seem to oblivious to those around them as they gab and gab on their cell phones that, I’m ready to spring for one of those jamming devices to silence it one and for all in close proximity to myself. has anyone purchased on of these if so, how well does it work and which one do you recommend?
here is an example


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  1. Pumpkin_Ruka

    I understand completely. While there is still a law here against talking on cell phones while driving, people do it anyway and cause so many wrecks it isn’t funny.
    The other day in the grocery store this lady was on a cell phone, not paying attention to where she was going and kept walking, all zig zag in front of us.

  2. Da ben dan

    I didn’t know these existed…I’ll be the second in line, right after your to buy one.

  3. fire_slade001

    first it is illegal in the u.s so your gonna have to apply to the black market and second the only country that produces the best "silencers" is Japan. your best bet is to try major blackmarket cityies like newyork,los angelas, and Boston to get your hands on one

    good luck

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