disable cell phone jammer??? How?

we have a cell phone jammer around our whole school. hhow do i disable it? at least on my phone its att
how do i get mhider?

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  1. runFunning

    jamming the jammer… unfortunately that is not possible ( well, locate the source of the jamming and unplug it. )

    I’d definitely bring up the safety issue of not having cell capabilites on school grounds. How would a paramedic speak with a doctor, how could someone call the police in case of emergency ( fire ) where the phone lines are down?
    I’d pull my children out of that school, due to safety concerns.

    No doubt the school has cell phone usage concerns, but education ( mostly through parents and reinforced at school ) is the best policy in teaching children etiquette( cell phone usage being a small part ).

    Good luck.

  2. mike1942f

    Golly, gee – how about studying school topics instead of working to break the blockage to disrupt learning.

  3. airforce1engineer

    Well my dear, unless you have access to the jammer, there is not much you’ll be able to do to disable it. The jammer simply disorganizes the entire signal area around a square block of the school. There is nothing in your phone you can do about it, since it’s not a function of your phone, but rather it is a function of the "airspace" around your school.

    Sorry….wish I could have better news for you, as I am all for freedom of speech and I think disabling airspace around a school to prevent cell phones from working is a disgrace!! Limiting mobility on a cell phone is not exactly very democratic!

    Good Luck my dear, but do be sure to concentrate on the work at hand!


  4. BobApril

    To disable it you’d have to get access to it to turn it off, unplug it, or break it. In the process, you might open yourself up to various criminal charges (illegal trespass, vandalism, etc.), and you would most certainly be violating school policies. I suggest you forget about it.

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