disable cell phone jammer?

I would like to know if their is a device that cancels the affect of GSM signal Jammers, and where can i find it

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    Jammers are very simple machines, but this is what makes them difficult to get around. They work simply by flooding commonly used radio channels with interference.

    Jamming really is a competition of power. There are only two ways around it. Either disable the jammer, or find a way to amplify your signal enough that it can pierce this interference. The later would require routing your signal through a larger antenna with a separate power source. And I mean a big one since the GSM jammer will probably be drawing 110 volts from the wall. The further you can get from the jammer itself, the better. So far as I know, there is no product made for this, but if one were made, the power supply and antenna would have to be fairly large and heavy. Not at all discrete.


    amplifying your signal is useless, it can’t happen. signal jammers are there for a reason.

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