fleet tracking gps jammer?

My company is implementing the verizon workforce management system. It is a gps tracking system through our company issued cell phones. Is there a way to block the gps tracking with a jammer of some sort but still have the phone work?

I don’t take kindly to having my every move tracked by my employer but before I up and quit I would like to know if there are any other options.

I am not a slacker so don’t get the wrong idea, its just principle for me.
Absolutely useless answer to me steve. Please refer to the question when answering questions.

In case anyone else finds this question, I found my own answer, here is what I recieved as an email response from the company below.

Yes the high powered GPS jammer would only disable the location tracking of Verizon Work Force Manager while still allowing cell phone / txt messages in and out.

Let me know if you have any other questions.


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  1. Steve

    Dude, I am principled as the next guy – or even more… but if you owned the company and provided the phone, service and covered the cost of that AND is paying you for your time… it’s hard to argue that if you’re the "man" … you have a right to know where the employee is – right?

    What I’ve found is that most GPS tracking efforts are aimed at getting a product delivered, or a customer serviced or managing excessive costs for overtime and fuel. To do this better, the owner usually needs to know where his people or trucks are – right?

    Unfortunately, it’s not unusual to find employees taking two-hour lunches, stopping by strip clubs, heading to a girlfriend’s house for a pit stop… or any variety of things. Sometimes it’s just a need to know what’s going on while he pays the bill.

    If all of this sounds ridiculous – I’d quit and search for a better job with all kinds of increased money! But be careful… if the new company asks why you left and checks on a reference, you might just have to face the reality of the new company who wants to improve on their services / response times and save money too.

    Another thing… the next company might have the GPS unit in the truck without telling you. At least you’re aware of the current process.

  2. cell jammers

    GPS JAMMER is illegal in some areas as I know, but it is legal here in my country, so I just bought one for myself the other day, it is working great and helps me much.

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