How can i legally block cell phone reception??

It’s illegal to use, sell, or buy a cell phone jammer in the U.S.A. But i live in a dorm with other girls in a corner with a window and they like to come and sit outside my door and talk, cry, and yell at whom ever they are talking to on their cell phone at 3a.m. when in fact there are ten other empty lobbies designated for them to do this. If i ask them to leave they get angry and get louder. So, the only way to make them stop is to stop the reception in my area. I don’t mind it being available during the day so i was wondering if there us a machine i could simple turn on or off. Any suggestions?

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  1. Chad B

    It looks like you have researched this well yourself, as you say you can buy a cell phone jammer but they aren’t legal. That’s the best way to block cell phones.
    I suppose you could try putting some big solid object in front of the window to see if that lessens the signal quality any.

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