how can i make a cell phone jammer?

i own a small zen/massage parlor and it should be quit here but cell phones whal here all the time i need to jam cell phone calls only for the wating room it like 40feet by 80feet i can make my own if i have the plans helphelphelp

3 responses on “how can i make a cell phone jammer?

  1. Big Ol' Gal Named Hildy

    A cell phone is just a radio. If you jam the frequencies on which cell phones work, then you have jammed the phones. However, as both a tech support rep for a large cellular company AND as an amateur ("ham") radio operator, I can tell you that what you’re talking about is illegal, and I would not advise you to try it; what you’re proposing is a violation of federal law.

  2. laurenke01

    Can’t tell you that, but I can tell you how to get busted by the cops really quickly if someone found out you had one.

  3. Kakashi Hatake

    Get a job at a government agency like the FBI or the DOD. They can jam cellphones and stuff for special situations like when they want to quarantine a building and they don’t want the public to know cause it would start a panic and stuff. The Government agency cells would work on a different frequency so that they can still use them.

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