How can you counter a cell phone jammer?

Is there a device which can make your cell phone "immune" to jamming?

Is there a device which can locate a cell phone jammer?

Thanks in advance.

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  1. bradster1200

    VoIP (using the internet, Skype) is immune to signal jammers. This is because they don’t use radio signals to communicate. But, you need WiFi for that option.

    It also depends on the type of signal jammer. Regular jammers will only block one frequency, while high quality jammers can block many frequencies at once. In the case that they are using a low-quality/regular jammer, you could use a quad-band cell phone (can operate on different frequencies).

    Most jammers can’t cover 2G and 3G bands (2G and 3G are completely separate bands). So using a 3G (or maybe even 4G, sprint) could work.

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