How do you detect a cell phone jammer?

My company is under attack from cell phone jammers so the people can gain an advantage by not using cell phones. Are there any inexpensive products that I could use to detect which persons are using these illegal devices?
I can’t say exactly what our business is, but its kinda like being at the stock market…tons of guys on cell phones. If you have a jammer, you can kill the phone calls and cause people to loose sales, hence my concern.

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  1. Mixed Illusions

    Call law enforcement. The reason being is that if you need to make a 911 call and yuor signal is being put in a dead zone.. there are serious implications….

    The FCC in the United States has outlawed the sale and use of jammers because they can in theory interfere with emergency communications between police and rescue personnel, aid in criminal activity as well as disrupt medical equipment like pacemakers.

    Even though jammers are illegal, it will be pretty difficult for the FCC to catch them. Triangulating the exact position of someone with a jammer will require some fancy hi-tech tracking gear and several personnel.

    However if they do get busted using a cell phone jammer, be prepared for a possible $11,000 fine.

    Remember, jammers are mainly intended for military or government use. So if they are using it in your area…. they have full right to do so… so you might want to see if local enforcement, military, government..etc etc is in the area using it by contacting them before you create a shitstorm

    you have to take through the chain of command.. I would try law enforcement first…

    and what do you mean "your company is under attack … so people can gain an advantage by not using cell phones"

    Maybe contact the FCC … actually…
    they’ll be all over it

  2. Alex

    "inexpensive products" – what’s the budget? you’d need a pretty good radio frequency scanner. Then triangulate the jammer device location based on the power output. Price is in the range of thousands $$.

    Just prove it that somebody is using these devices and go to the police. It’s their job to find them. It is illegal to use cell phone jammers.

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