How to block and/or remove gps tracking devices from a vehicle?

is there a way to disable tracking devices built into a vehicles? (like on-star)
I know you have to pay for the service, but i dont like the idea of having gps built into my vehicle. whats to stop big brother from tracking my movement? and for all of you that say what does it matter then lets assume the worse case that i am up to no good. (im not but still i dont like the idea that my location is out there)

also, lets say someone placed a gps tracker on my car with out my knowledge. Are there devices that i can use to locate them? and also do they make GPS blocker or jammer? do they work.

I have seen jammers for cell phones but i think there illegal in the us.

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  1. ►BobB◄

    you may not jam cell phone, you may not jam GPS, and if you get caught, you will be fined a minimum of $10,000 per day……

    The OnStar box is located in different places in the GM cars. You need to know the car model. Then you can call a GM dealer and ask the OnStar box location. You can then remove the OnStar box.

    A HUGE WORD OF WARNING HERE: the cars internal computer uses part of the OnStar system, removing the OnStar box will cause unusual conditions in the car. Also, when you go to trade the car in, the value loss without the OnStar box could be THOUSANDS of dollars.

    NOW, if you are concerned about basic tracking, the best way to locate a tracker is with a spectrum analyzer. You need one that will go to at least 3GHz.

    The last one that my company purchased was $34,000.00, but it can hear a nat fart.

  2. Desert Dust

    I just love paranoid people. Pull the fuse that powers the device. You can not jam a GPS signal legally, you would mess up the service for the normal people around you.

  3. A

    The easiest way to do with without risking damage to the car or hitting the resale value would be to locate the onstar box and disconnect the GPS antenna from it. A couple of layers of aluminum foil over the GPS antenna will also work.

    If the car is on a lease scheme or purchased on credit of any sort then it’s not your car, it’s theirs until you pay for it. Check the small print, they may require that you don’t interfere with the GPS so that it’s easier for them to repo if you don’t make your payments. If so disabling the GPS could result in them taking the car back.

    Jamming is illegal. Unlicensed transmitters in military frequency bands aren’t too popular with the FCC for some strange reason.

    You can’t detect the emissions from a GPS tracker easily, GPS receivers doesn’t transmit and most trackers switch off when not moving and use cell phones to send data back. So you would have to look for cell phone data traffic while driving and then ensure that it wasn’t just someone else’s phone that you’ve picked up. And that’s assuming they aren’t trying to avoid detection.

    There is however a very simple way of detecting an after market GPS tracker. The Mk.1 eyeball. Just look at the underside of the car.

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