I already bought a cell phone jammer. Do you think it's a wrong to block the signals on annoying people??

I bought a portable cell phone jammer GTP1000 from www.grandtrades.net & it works perfectly well. I no longer have to listen to all the annoying discussions people make at a the movies & at last I can have some peace of mind & enjoyment at a restaurant. I only use it with people who keep talking too long. As well as lectures where I don’t have to listen to a phone ring every few seconds.

I believe it’s my right to simply stop annoying people within a few feet from me as long as they lack the common courtesy it’s as if I’m protecting my personal space from intruders who pay no attention to others.

And to those people concerned about emergency calls etc. I believe if someone wants to make an emergency call, he can simply walk away a few meters (from the range of the jammer) & the signal will be fine. Ofcourse if it’s a general emergency I will be turning off the jammer.

I need other people’s feedback on this issue. 🙂

8 responses on “I already bought a cell phone jammer. Do you think it's a wrong to block the signals on annoying people??

  1. witchy woman

    I talk on my cell phone A LOT, darn free mobile to mobile, but I also observe basic manners. When I am around other people, when I walk into a store and never during check-out. If people can’t be courteous while using the cell phone then by all means shut them down!! I for one do not want to hear about some lady’s kid having bowel movements or whatever else people feel they must speak about in public. And while I have ring-tones on my phone I always put my phone on VIBE while in public. And cell-phone users please turn the earpiece volume up on your phone, just because you can’t hear the other person doesn’t mean that they can’t hear you, so DO NOT talk loudly into your phone.

  2. Kat

    I say yes. Especially if you’re using it in movies, restaurants, lectures and other places where people are being rude by talking on their phones anyway.

  3. Joshua S

    I agree with you. I think people shouldnt have there cell phones on during the movies and school, work,etc. It is disrespect and it surves them well. Maybe it will get them in the habbit to have common courtesy. I think i should get one, because people at my high school leave them on and it is annoying when they ring.

  4. Buffy C

    Yeah as long as you’re doing it that way it would be ok. It’s a few feet, not like you’re blocking signal from the whole building. It’s sad that you have to go to that extent though.

  5. charli_red1218

    o mant this sounds good to me i didnt know they had these im gonna look online myself now b/c i hate the fact that when i go into an exam or movie theater i make sure my phone is off or silent i dont want to interupt people or embarass myself. but others dont take the same courtesy and its annoying especially when they answer really loud and go on and on. im going on that website right now!

  6. bad girl

    you spent over $320 on a device to control others cell phone usage? I understand peope on phones can be rude and obnoxious and all but I think that is a little wrong of you to play cell phone police. How would you handle it if someone came over and gagged you everytime you were talking to your friend while out for dinner because you were too loud and they could hear you and they thought you were being rude? I’m not protecting these cell phone abusers but I think what youre doing is equally wrong.

  7. tigertrot1986

    So long as you’re jamming where cell phones are supposed to be turned off anyways (like a lecture, sermon, movie, etc.), it’s all right. The only concern is that you won’t be able to turn off the jammer if you get into a real jam (ha-ha, I know, NOT funny), like if there’s an earthquake and you get pinned down in debris. But you can’t have everything, so if you wanna risk it, go ahead. 🙂

  8. mrupfrontandreal

    Ha ha, these devices are the best thing out there. I used to have one in my car and purchased a 1000w amplifier from some website that also makes cb and ham linears. The best is when I would drive in NYC. I would be bored one day in Jersey and cross the river on a busy weekday. I had the device with an on switch that when I turned it on it would power up but not trasmit. Then when I hit another switch, it would turn on. Driving down near wall street hitting the switch for 30 seconds was priceless. 25-50 people all stop at the same time. They take their cell away from their ear and just stare at it, then look up with a wtf look on their face.

    But to answer your question finally. LOL. I guess I have two takes on that. I’m a selfish guy. I admit it. I absolutely cannot stand it when people talk on their cells in public and I commend you for taking action buy purchasing this low powered device. I have one and I enjoy using it.

    On the other hand, I want to freedom to use MY CELL when I want and where I want. If I find anyone using a jammer when I WANT to use my cell, make no mistake about it, someone is getting socked right in the face. Unless its a woman, then i’ll just pepper spray her right in the eyes. Its not very nice but you most definetly get your point across. I mean, you aren’t allowed to hit women ya know. Its not right.

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