is it illegal to have a cell phone jammer at work place?

is it illegal to have a cell phone jammer at your work place blocking all cell phones that come in and which makes them have no service

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  1. David S

    If you’re interfering with your company’s cellular reception and depriving them of service, yes, that could be a legal problem for you…more than likely civil.

  2. ⌡Machine Head⌠

    It is ABSOLUTELY a violation of Federal law and International agreements to use a jammer or otherwise knowingly interfere with any radio based communications.

    What would not be illegal would be if the building were constructed in a manner which happened to block all radio waves in the portion of the radio spectrum used by Cel Phones.

  3. hmmm

    It is absolutely not illegal. It’s just too bad the employers have to take such measures to get the point across.

  4. New name, it must be spring!

    No, it is not illegal. You don’t have a right to a cell phone in a private situation.

    It can be against the rules of your work place. An employer could do this as a matter of course, easily justifying it as a matter of security.

  5. Quizzard

    Since such devices are legally sold and licensed by the FCC, they are legal, provided they only interfere with signals within the company’s property lines.

    Their property, their rules.

  6. Leslie S

    Yes it is against FCC rules.
    They issue very few waivers for jammers.
    In my city they have gone after theatre owners and a couple of businesses for their jamming.
    It appears that the jammers do not discriminate with property lines

  7. Mutt

    Teach those bastards a lesson! Leave your cell phone at home or in your car! They can’t block the signal on it then, and it would have been a waste of money on their part to install it! That will make them think twice next time before they try to put something in the office to make the workers more productive!

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