Is it illegal to live in the united states and sell cell phone jammers outside the usa???

– I live in the United States
– I sell cell phone jammers
– I never touch or see the item
– I do not offer it for sale in the united states
– I get the item shipped from my wholesaler in china to the person that has ordered it in another country not the USA.

I now the law –

USA: Illegal to operate, manufacture, import, or offer for sale, including advertising (Communications Act of 1934)[4], with fines of up to ,000 and imprisonment of up to one year.

I realize that it is illegal to offer for sale but I do not offer it for sale in the united states or on any united states websites.

Thank You I hope I can get an excellent answer
I believe operate means that you are operating the device.

Here is the scenario that i am in right now.

– A customer in italy wants a large quantity

Italy’s law on cell phone jammers =

Italy: Technically not illegal to own, but illegal to operate, since the Italian law specifically prohibits to disturb radio and telephone communications. GSM jammers are however legal to be used in places like hospitals, churches, movie theatres and other places with performances, and other buildings where and when the use of mobile telephones may result in a leak of sensitive informations; in such occasions, jammers are legal as long as their operation doesn’t interferes with electronic medical equipments (such as pace-makers) and allows mobile phones to make Emergency calls. Tri-Band Jammers are reserved to, and in use with, the Police forces and are being experimented in prisons.

Both laws where taken off
If this is illegal which i dont think it is because I am a middle man. Would it be legal to go to canada and put the order in through my computer and then come back to the usa. I believe the jammers are legal in canada

3 responses on “Is it illegal to live in the united states and sell cell phone jammers outside the usa???

  1. JediMaster

    From the sounds of it (but I’m not legal expert) they are legal to own, legal to sell but illeagl to acutally use.

  2. goz1111

    Its only going to be a problem if the Feds come after you,

    This is your only main issue, while living and being a citizen of the USA you are bound by their jurisdiction, if they want to go after you they will have jurisdiction to prosecute,

    your recourse will be to hire a lawyer and fight that the statute based upon your past statements about manufacturing and shipment to third country, does not apply to you, but no way are you going to get it dismissed

  3. SmileItsNotThatSerious

    i sure hope this isn’t technology that is benefiting some terrorist piece of crap plotting to blow me and YOU up
    talk to a lawyer.

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