Is it legal for a public school to jam cell phone signals on campus?

I live in a small town in AZ and i recently heard that the school board is planning on installing a cell phone jammer/damper to stop the use of cell phones on campus. Our schools policy until now has been lax and teachers just tell you to turn off your phone or put it away during class, but you can still use them in the halls and such. I was just wondering if its legal for them to block the use of cell signals on campus?

This site ( says a cell phone jammer is legal for some governmental agencies. It also says that its basically theft of property otherwise.

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  1. Brenda L

    Unfortunately, it is often legal to do things on a public school campus which would be a Constitutional violation anywhere else. The Court has always given the schools a great deal of latitude in preserving "the learning environment." However, I am not familiar with the FCC rules stated above and agree you should start there. Also, I guess your school board has a short memory and does not recall the last few campus massacres which were reported to police early by students on cell phones.

  2. Jeffrey F

    As of current, it is a violation if FCC Rules and regulations to interfere with cell phone signals. To interfere with cell phone signals means to broadcast of frequencies for which the organization is not authorized to do………

    If they start, call the FCC and complain! The Feds will be all over the campus like flies on Crap.

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