Is it legal for a school in Ga………?

Is it legal for a school in Ga to install a cell phone jammer? My school principal is a douc*e and wants to do so, and i wanna know if it is legal or not.

Also my high school confiscated students phones for 30 day (30 days!!!! they better pay my 0 bill!!! but they dont.. 🙁 ) Is it legal for them to do this? 30 days is insanely long!

Oh and dont give me douc*y answers like "u should do ur work instead of txtn" or something similar…..

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  1. Talk Softly & Carry a Big Stick


    If you’re on their property for the purposes of education, you have to abide by their rules. And I can guarantee somewhere in the student handbook, it has rules about cellphone use on campus during/after school hours.

    Sorry, kid.

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