Is it possible for a high school to have a cell phone jammer?

Alright i know this sounds wierd but down by the football field there a metal poll about 4 feet across and goes up a out 80 feet and a bunch of antenas and dishs on it (not the tv dishs the kind you see on top of news buildings and such)it jams every body cell phone, 0 bars then if get about 500 feet of the school you get about 3 bars…I live in nevada is this possible ?????????
i got a newer school its nice ithinks only about 10 years old help!!!

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  1. Light Knight

    It sounds like a cellphone tower or a microwave relay station. Both of which could cause the sensitive receiver in your phone to overload. These are often placed on school property. The company that owns it pays a small fee to the school. I believe that the FCC requires that transmitters have the license call letters and owners name be placed in public view. Check out the tower for contact info.
    The security risk of cellphone interference may be something that needs to be addressed. Take it to the school board and question it.

  2. Jay al Bran

    this is likely not a cell phone jammer. It is a antenna or transmitter for other devises. These typically put out a large amount of electromagnetic energy that overwhelms you relatively weak cell phone signal (weak so it doesn’t fry your brain)

  3. Chuck W

    yeah, i dont think it should / could be legal to put a cell phone jammer if there is an emergency, what if there are some kids walking to / from the school, cutting through the parking lot, and some crazy guy hits them w/ a car or something, and speeds off, who the hell is going to call an ambulance? the kids friend? oh wait, his cell phone is jammed, i konw, lets run to the deans office about 300 ft away while your friend is convulsing in the parking lot choking on his own blood and his friend cant even help him since he has to run to the nearest "gwone up" to get help, that would honestly piss me off, and alot of other people to, if something like that were to happen, it would have to be helped THERE and NOW, IE the kid calling the ambulance, instead of him having to run all the way to the nearest staff member to tell them that their friend got hit, and then teh staff member would have to "make sure" there is an emergency or some crap to prevent "pranks" which would take even more time, which if something like getting hit by a car happened, could mean life or death

    btw, where in nevada do you live? i live in vegas and go to mojave high school, and ive never seen a cell phone jammer thing you are talking about, although i have heard of them at the middle school i went to once

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