Is it possible to buy a cell phone jammer?

Would electronic stores carry them? Do you get them online? What sort of range do they have? I really want one for the next time I go to the movies!

4 responses on “Is it possible to buy a cell phone jammer?

  1. DON

    Not legally.

    If you want to subject yourself to the harsh penalties associated with misuse of allocated frequencies, you *may* be able to find plans on the internet.


  2. Dusty

    Considering that that is a federal offence, the cost of the movie ticket will be a bargan.

  3. PoKrzyWa

    It is, but it’s not legal. Unless you don’t mind FCC closing down your business, or whatever you’re going to use it in, go ahead and get one.

  4. james

    they are illegal, but only use it when you are in a place and not moving. dont tell people what you have, even friends. dont use it in the same place all the time. they will not go out looking for you unless you let people know. I’ve never had one so i cant tell you how good they work, but i would outweigh some idiot having a conversation after you spent almost $100 for your family to enjoy a movie. Thats one of the reasons I just bought my own movie system so i dont have to put up with inconsiderate people, smells, and chairs that are covered in snot, spoiled food, and any other gross thing you think a kid can do when they are sitting.

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