Is there a way to home make a cell phone jammer?

My electronics teacher built or bought a cell phone jammer. I was wanting to get pay back by building a cell phone jammer and putting it under her mini van. Is there anyway to make a cell phone jammer? if possible is there a way you could supply me with a mobile jammer design, and a regular one? Please i would really like to get pay back!!

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  1. Wingman

    I looked hard and did not find much because of the next paragraph.

    Cellular phone jammers are generally considered illegal by the FCC, as it effects the communications of emergency personnel who use the same frequency as cell phones for much of their communications, as well as using cell phones themselves. However, prisons, schools and city governments have campaigned to allow use of jammers to keep people from cheating in class, to keep cabbies and limo drivers concentrated on the road and to restrict prisoners from using smuggled cell phones.

    Brouse around on the source links below.


  2. ♥Tom♥

    Before you build something like that you should check out the FCC regulations about purposely jamming communications in public places.

    Consequences of Violations of FCC regulations can be life changing.

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