Is using a cell phone jammer bad etiquette?

This person next to me on the bus was blabbing loudly on the phone and then I notice this guy reach into his pocket, pull out a device and push a button on it. 30 seconds later the person starts saying, "hello? hello?" and realizes the signal is lost. Is this ok?

7 responses on “Is using a cell phone jammer bad etiquette?

  1. Chaplain John

    It’s not illegal in some states… It’s illegal in all fifty and in the territories also. Jammers violate Federal law.

    I personally cannot understand why so many people are angered by others talking on the telephone.

    Is it because they have no friends to talk to?

    Jammers interfere with my business because I am "on call" 24/7. The same thing is true with many Doctors and Nurses.

    Would you care to be injured and unable to receive treatment because some idiot had a jammer going in the room where the emergency medical personnel happened to be?

  2. LC

    I love the idea of the jammer, but in most states it is illegial and gets you with a hefty fine for the first offensce. Be careful!

  3. DankRuse

    I love this idea. Next we can make a device that would explode all the bluetooths in people’s ears. That wouldn’t be bad etiquette either. Right?

  4. New York City Babe.x

    i dont know what 1 is i am in the U.K if that makes any changes but w/e can someone please tell me wht it is xx.. xx??

  5. N M

    That was a story on the news so I don’t think you ‘personally’ did it. But forget about etiquette, its illegal.

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