Are cellphone jammers being used in your school?

teachers confiscating phones can be forgotten. The same goes if they take the battery away as well. Disrupting the teacher wastes time for the entire class, so I’m wondering if these jammers are being implemented to prevent texting and calling during/between classes instead of the original method of dealing with cell phone disruption.

Average devices have a range up to 150 feet, so many would be needed for larger schools. Do you think they help you focus during class instead of waiting for that message about from your friends?
These devices do exist and only jam the cell signals/bands. There is a phone in every room for emergency calls and hall monitors or other staff members use radios of instant communication to administration in case of an emergency.

Finding Circuit Components? (resistors, capacitors)?

I’m pretty new to this but I’m trying to put together something from a schematic (see URL) . I made a list of the components and took the list to Radio Shack. On items like the resistors, I was able to find resistors with the same wattage but not the same tolerance. My questions are as follows:

1. Are the resistors and capacitors in this schematic unusual so that I’d have trouble finding them?
2. Are the percentages on the schematic actually referring to tolerance or are they just showing overall signal change?
3. If I am correct in thinking I need to trace down a 6.8K Ohm with 1% tolerance, where is the best place to find such hard-to-get parts?


Is it legal for a school in Ga………?

Is it legal for a school in Ga to install a cell phone jammer? My school principal is a douc*e and wants to do so, and i wanna know if it is legal or not.

Also my high school confiscated students phones for 30 day (30 days!!!! they better pay my 0 bill!!! but they dont.. 🙁 ) Is it legal for them to do this? 30 days is insanely long!

Oh and dont give me douc*y answers like "u should do ur work instead of txtn" or something similar…..

school block or jam at&t cell phones?

i go to high school and my friends that have at&t never get signal in school. Everyone that has at&t never get signal in school. Every other cell phone company gets signal like verizon, altel etc. People have been saying that the school has a block or jammer on at&t cell phones.
Is there really a way to block at&t customors from getting signal in school.
And if it is is it leagal or not.
I have read on here that it is and its not.
I do belive my school does have a jammer cuz right when u walk out the doors of the school everyone who has at&t their bars shoot right up. They get all their bars.
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i forgot to put that even in the trailers at&t cant get signal. And trailers airnt made up of cement.