Movie Theater Etiquette?

What do people normally do when someone starts talking on their phone when the movie is on.

I always turn mine off.Talking on phone in movie

Even the people who walk out while talking really annoy me.

I was in one with my brother and this guy started talking on the phone, he walked up swiped it out of his hand and threw it the distance of the theater.

The guy didn’t know what to do. I thought that it was overkill but he went got his phone and left.

So should Cell Phone Jammers be legalized for use in movie theaters.

Are teachers allowed to put cameras in classrooms?

I was wondering whether or not teachers are allowed to put cameras in classrooms to spy on students and see if they are texting. Does it violate a student’s rights? And what do you think of having cell phone jammers put in class rooms?

If you don’t know what a cell phone jammer is, it’s basically a device that sends out strong signals to cancel out the signal of cell phones.

Has anyone ever been arrested for a mobile phone jammer in the United States?

I understand that a device that jams a cell phone signal is illegal in the United States due to the Communications Act of 1934. However, can anyone cite a single case where someone was arrested, charged and sentenced because of this act (being in possession of a mobile phone jammer OR operating a mobile phone jammer)? I’ll even settle for someone just being arrested due to a violation of this act. I am very interested in the subject matter.