2 responses on “RFID technology highly flawed?

  1. peepers98

    History has taught us that no matter what technology is developed there will be someone that learns to circumvent it. I personally am against the idea of implanting it in people. Depending on what information is deemed important & listed in the database that will be established, the possibilities of control of the people are basically endless. With the data of income could come control of your ability to purchase. With the data of health could come control of what you could eat, what you could do or not do. To name a few. It would all depend on the data entered into your file. It also depends on the people that have control of that database. The current trend of our government officials to invade & eliminate our individuals rights scares the hell out of me! I see this chip as just another step in the progress of total control of the people.

  2. gomanyes562

    I don’t know about currently available jammers, but it wouldn’t be difficult to jam the signal if you knew what frequency it operated at.

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