school block or jam at&t cell phones?

i go to high school and my friends that have at&t never get signal in school. Everyone that has at&t never get signal in school. Every other cell phone company gets signal like verizon, altel etc. People have been saying that the school has a block or jammer on at&t cell phones.
Is there really a way to block at&t customors from getting signal in school.
And if it is is it leagal or not.
I have read on here that it is and its not.
I do belive my school does have a jammer cuz right when u walk out the doors of the school everyone who has at&t their bars shoot right up. They get all their bars.
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i forgot to put that even in the trailers at&t cant get signal. And trailers airnt made up of cement.

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  1. rusty778

    Well since most schools are made out of cement cinder blocks your signal is most likely very strong and cant make it through. Once you walk outside your bars will go up but the signal is not as strong as you think. Their are such things as jammers but T-mobile phones wouldn’t work either since they are on the same band frequency and are highly illegal. The FCC wont approve anything that prevents something else from operating.

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