This privat investigator put a gps tracker on my car,how can i block it?

I have a jammer wich blocks every cell phone signal even 3g,and it blocks L1 and L2 gps signals,even wifi signals….but its still not blocking the signal for the tracker he has on my car…

4 responses on “This privat investigator put a gps tracker on my car,how can i block it?

  1. Temari

    Go to a mechanic and get them to remove it. At the same time, you should be able to just pull it off.
    Also, after it’s off, ask for it back and place it on a bus or taxi. Or maybe if u think u know who put it there, put it on their car.

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  2. southwestskywaitress

    If you know the GPS is there, why don’t you just remove it?

    Place it under the seat of a city bus and let them track the bus back and forth across town.

  3. sirzerty

    talk to a mechanic and have him find it, pull it out and run it over.
    then go to the cops to make sure this PI is legit, and see if you can get a restraining order

  4. ryan l

    ok, after watching Transporter 3, you can apparently completely submerge your VW/AUDI in a stream for 3 hours. Also, nitrogen filled tires are apparently breathable by super human Jason Statham. So drive it in a river and short it out!

    What I would recommend is going to a police station and having it reported and then having it removed. There are so many darn electronics in those cars that it would be a nightmare if you accidently yanked the wrong thing.


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