tutorial for portable rf jammer?

cell phone usage has become quite annoying.
everytime i am in public someone is on the bloody cell phone. in my bubble.
I know that they exist but I would rather make one than buy one.
any tutorials out there so i can turn these muppets phone off with a push of a button.

its not illegal here yank
ok i wish to use one on international waters. I suppose you have a way to tell me that is illegal as well…
obviouslly, i dont care. so if you don’t have any useful information than dont bother answering the question.
if you are smart enough to know that it is ,000 dollar fine or one year in prison. here is another nifty fact THERE HAS NEVER BEEN A CASE AGAINST ANYONE FOR THIS ever. and it was originated in 1934…. so if i download music illegally i could also get a 0,000 fine… hmm how many people do you know that do it? how many people you know that have been caught?
you fail at life

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  1. endless_cash

    A cell phone jammer utilizes radio frequencies like a police radar jammer, therefore both devices fall under the jurisdiction of the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) in the USA, and are illegal to manufacture, sell, own or use in the United States (except in specific circumstances for military and law enforcement.) Similar laws apply in nearly (if not) every country. Anyone caught manufacturing, selling, owning, or using a jammer in the U.S. is punishable by an $11,000 fine and up to a year in prison for each offense.

    Therefore, you’d need to build your cellphone jammer in international waters, use it in international waters, and dis-assemble it before leaving international waters. Good luck with that.
    Wow. You know so much more than all of us. Maybe you should take a closer look at yourself and try to figure out why people talking on cell phones bothers you. Is it because they have friends and you don’t? I bet that’s close, isn’t it? People talking on cell phones bothers you because you don’t have anyone to talk to. If you can’t talk to friends, you don’t want anyone else to either. You will soon be an grumpy, friendless old man, mumbling to yourself about all of the "evil" people with cell phones and friends. Good luck with THAT! LOL@U

  2. ?

    Sorry, but it is illegal. Not only intentional jamming in general, but specifically interfering with public communications systems. I agree that they are one of the most annoying things on the planet, but unless you are on some other planet, intentional jamming will cause legal problems.

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