9 responses on “What are cell phone jammers?

  1. Steve

    Elecromagnetic interference devices. Like the name says they interfere with your electromagnetic communications devices. i/e cell phones, radios….

  2. Barkley Hound

    They are transmitters than can be used in places like theaters that keep cell phones from working.

  3. Cold Bitter Truth

    great little devices that keeps asshats at movie theaters from answering their phone.

  4. sara c

    they put a force field type thing around an area. there are different ones with different reaches such as 50 ft. or 75 ft.. but they block the signals cell phones and other devices send and use. so that they do not work

  5. chillinginchicago

    They basically jam signals so cell phones can’t work. There was an article in the paper about them the other day. They are illegal but I guess people can buy them online. I have heard that in upscale restaurants and things like that they often place cell phone jammers so people can enjoy there meals without others cell phones going off.

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