4 responses on “What is a Cell Phone Jammer ?

  1. rummy1978

    a device that scrambles cell phone signals so that phones cannot be used in its vicinity

  2. I <3 Silly Rabbit

    its a device that blocks the use of cell phones usually in the radius of 30 ft. its also illegal to sell them in the US and the cheapest ones cost about $150

  3. Charles

    Cell Phone Jammers are electronic devices that send out radio signals that block/jam cellphones from working. They prevent incoming and outgoing calls on 99% of cell phones. They range in strength and price. There is no such thing as an inexpensive but good jammer. You pay BIG bucks for a good one. These devices are very dangerous in most places becasue they prevent cellphone useres from dialing out in an emergency. In the UK and some places in the US the jammers are used in theaters or concert halls to prevent peoples phones from ringing. Hope this info helped.

  4. richard t

    stops all those annoying people within 30 feet of you…go on e0bay and put in cell phone jammer.they will explain it all………..

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