6 responses on “When Truck Driving?

  1. Linda S

    Radar detectors are illegal in trucks and jammers are also illegal, Most states have laws about cell phones and you need a hands free to use the phone. I do not like to use the cell as I need to be paying attention to the road and traffic so I wait until I am stopped to place a call. Most companies will not allow the drivers to use a cell while driving for safety reasons.

  2. jrhd97

    A cell phone is OK, depending on the local laws. Some states it is illegal to use a cell phone with out a hands free device.
    Radar detector and jammers are prohibited under federal law for all CMV’s

  3. Night Hawk

    Hey that cell phone depends on what state do you live. But the radar detector is not that you cannot use it but if you get stop by the police and he see the radar detector is going to put in the ticket as a PROFESSIONAL RUNNER. A least that is how it work in florida

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