Where can I buy a cell phone jammer?

It really annoying commuting on the Long Island Rail Road with people yakking about their problems.

4 responses on “Where can I buy a cell phone jammer?

  1. inspiredbyme

    Just get an mp3 player and listen to music instead. It costs less and I agree is infinitely less fun than yanking chains, but I’m pretty sure if you jammed cell phones you would jam an important call, like maybe the one between the driver and the switch operator.

    Not cool, that.

  2. xstreetplayax101

    hahaha i like the way u think. just go check yahoo shopping and type in "phone jammer"

  3. Z-man126

    I’ve heard that they are illegal in some places so Radio Shack won’t have them but you might be able to find one on eBay.

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