where can i buy cell phone signal jammer?

i got in a office and tired of hearing ppl make personal calls at there desk . so now i need a device that can block the signal so they cant talk in office

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  1. I'm Just a Sexy Boy. SUCK IT

    I believe they are illegal and if you were to use them, you could be charged and fined.

    Unless you are the owner of the company, there is not much you can do. Who are you to decide that you will block the mobile phone signals so no one can use a phone. You know that will also mean that anyone in the building and possibly the buildings on either side of you won’t be able to use their phones too, don’t you?

    It would be far easier and cheaper to buy a pair of earplugs, or play your mp3 player, or just ignore them. Or, mention it at a meeting and suggest that mobile phones are to be left in a locker or something during work times.

  2. Roger 5000

    this is your dream device my man!


    – Cellock-brand time-proven build quality and reliability
    – Creates enough interference to block all cell phone signals around you (GSM 930Mhz~960Mhz/CDMA 870Mhz~880Mhz/DCS 1805Mhz~1920Mhz)
    – Fully metal construction – creates a solid and techie feel
    – Creates a 0.5M ~ 15M (about 2 to 40 feet) radius of cell phone signal black out area
    – Built-in 1500mAh battery lasts 3 to 4 hours, also works and charges on AC and Car 12V power with including adaptors
    – Light (6oz) weight, fits-in-a-pocket size

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