4 responses on “where can I get a cell phone jammer?

  1. Big Daddy

    don’t try it…You will get BUSTED…Friend made one…he is not in jail for 36 months, and has about 12,000,000 in fines to pay…Do not mess with something the FCC regulates….

  2. Kevin M

    If you jam cell phone signals you would be breaking the law. It is against the Federal Communications Commision laws to jam phone or radio signals.

    Lets think for a minute that if you jammed the frequencies a cell phone and someone attempted to call-in a emergency where you blocking the signal caused a death. You could be found guilty of negligent homicide. Or something simular you would also have to live with that death, maybe it would be the death of a two year old kid.

    Think, Think, Think. Then stop and Think again.


  3. oakley_trckdrvr_davenport

    You can get them online but there is only one catch you have to be in the police or FBI to be able to buy.Or have a legitimate use for it like be a hospital director or something like that.They use them in some schools and colleges so students don’t cheat but again you have to be in law enforcement to get one.

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