Why do people insist on using their cell phones in public?

Movie theaters, restaurants, grocery store check-out lines, you name it – some idiot will be there yammering away

I think that is absolutely rude and totally unacceptable behavior.
I never use mine when other people are around.

People got along just fine before cell phones were invented.

I hope more businesses continue to install cell phone jammers.
Yes mobile phones are mobile – but don’t use them around other people. Nobody wants to hear your conversation!


21 responses on “Why do people insist on using their cell phones in public?

  1. SP

    Yes, I absolutely agree with you. It is not only rude and unacceptable, it is absolutely annoying and a total abuse of technology. I thought that I was the only one who hated this. I am so happy to read that you also feel the same. Another irritation is ring tone, can people not use the silence or vibrate mode when in public and ignore it when they are talking with someone in person? Man…I just cannot judge if technology is a bane or a boon to the society.
    Wonderful question….keep it coming.

  2. Daisy Mae

    Because they are arrogant jerks who only care about themselves & their petty conversations.

  3. Stormwind

    I think it’s rude and inconsiderate also.

    Is it really necessary to blabber about what makeup Paris Hilton or whoever is wearing while waiting in line at the store?

    I guess a lot of people have the "I I I ME ME ME ME" syndrome and don’t really care to be considerate of others.

  4. southswell2002

    That’s kinda the point…
    I will admit, it bothers me in some places: theaters, bathrooms…"private" public places. But other that that, it makes thing much more efficient if you can be on hold or discuss the sport stats with your buddy while sitting in line at the grocery store.

    You need to relax. Learn to be tolerant of other people. If someone is not hurting you or otherwise inhibiting your ability to live, breath, shop, etc., there is no reason to be offended.

    Its called a "public" place for a reason. If you don’t like the public, shop online.

  5. Trini-HaitianGrl81

    Ummm that’s what it is for! That’s why it is called a mobile phone.

  6. babydoll

    It isolates them from the rest of the world. They have no need to chat with fellow shoppers or the cashier or anyone else since they are already otherwise engaged. Kinda sad really.

  7. JaymeLeafe

    I see your point about movie theaters, check out lines, and other areas where the person would be disturbing someone by talking (theater), or where the person is demanding the attention of someone else, and then keeping them waiting (check out). However, I do think that while cell phones may, at most times, be just a convenience, there are other times when they are important, such as if you are having an emergency, or if someone else has had one and needs to contact you. For this reason, I don’t think that cell phone jammers should be used. However, I think that strategically placed signs in areas where excessive chatting would be inappropriate may help keep rude chatter to a minimum.

  8. cjhill

    Because American society has lost it’s way.So many people have lost the feeling of community and they think everything is all about them.

    Not to mention they are just RUDE.

  9. Katya-Zelen

    I must say I don’t get this complaint. ‘Why do people use mobile phones in public?’. Well, if they were at home they would use their home phone. It’s kind of the whole point in having a mobile phone, isn’t it? So you can be reached when you are out and about.

    I’m not being rude to you but this complaint just seems a bit uptight and control-freakish.

  10. KitKat

    I don’t know. Most things are not that important that I have to be reached at the grocery store. I can understand them being used for emergencies..like the school calling a parent if a child is sick but talking it up socially in public is rude.

  11. The pardon-me! Pig

    I agree with you. Blessed are the days when I did not have a meal, vacation, late night relaxation interrupted by my husband’s lousy clients that think he is on-call day and night. But noodle-lashings go to him (and those) that are so addicted to the phone, they HAVE to have it on all the time.

    But I am queen phone jammer. I insisted that our last vacation would NOT be interrupted by in-laws or clients by shutting the phone off. Before he had this stupid phone, he would just have to wait until he got back to work before he found out about something. It still went smoothly.

    edit: I realize that the phone is necessary for business, but for chrissakes, let him eat—he answers the phone because he is too afraid to piss off a client, but gosh, when he says, "let me call you back later" AT LEAST after the fifth time,they should relent and say :"okay, thank you"–GOSH—who is controlling in THAT case?

  12. I_Love_Life!

    This is apparently a major pet-peeve of posters on yahoo, as this is the second one in as many days to be posted.

    My philosophy is; if you are talking out loud in public, then I can listen. I do so, actively, like I am part of the conversation, commenting on everything they say. If someone else is with me, we will talk about what the cell phone user is saying. Surprisingly, many people SHUT UP!

    Mobile phones are wonderful, they are there if you NEED to contact someone, or be contacted. However, there is a time and a place for their use. It is NOT in the market, theater, restaurants, stores, or any other place where other people are not only able to listen, but, may also be annoyed with the conversation.

    What I can’t understand is why they can’t just say, Hey I am doing XYZ right now, can I call you back? or let it go to voice mail, then you can listen to what the other person wanted. But these conversations about absolutely nothing are the most annoying!!!

    Manners have gone down the toilet. People are rude, loud and obnoxious. They all want it NOW, no need to being polite, courteous, or nice. You want to talk to your friend, to heck with everyone else, just pick up the phone and dial away, no matter where you are, or what you are doing. We are isolating ourselves more and more everyday.

    Gone are the days when strangers spoke in the market, or in line at the bank. All those missed opportunities to meet new people, to explore the world outside your little universe. Its very sad, very sad indeed.

    I agree and do hope more businesses install cell phone jammers, I for one would choose those establishments over others.

  13. 100% Español

    well you know when there is an emergancy a cell phone is handy but sometimes people abuse it and it make me mad too, the other day i was waiing in line in store and this fool just kept on talkign telling his wife i got the cheese honey im like cant you tell her that when you get home lol!

  14. Rebel F

    Wow, you guys are idiots. Frankly, I don’t care if it annoys you. If I am in a grocery store or other public place and a friend calls me and we have something important to talk about, I’m gonna talk on my cell phone. If it bothers you so much, just ignore me.

    There are some places where cell phone talking certainly isn’t appropriate…places where you need to be able to hear everything clearly…like a theater. Talking in a theater is definitely rude. But in a grocery store or a restaurant? Sorry, but if it bothers you in either of those places, then it’s mostly you being anal and control-freakish instead of the other person being rude.

  15. tristate

    this is so true i think they are just trying to show off…………..no one cares to hear their conversation

  16. Snicklefritz

    I’m not sure I don’t own one. I don’t think I want to be that accessible to anyone.

    But as a guess, they have to justify that high phone bill they are paying for.

  17. MichelleMichelle

    I think they are insecure about being alone in public, so they dial up people to look like they have friends.

  18. followmyleader1

    I don’t think it is the public thing that bothers me most. I don’t really care and it doesn’t really bother me to see people on their cell phones, it just depends where. I work at a grocery store and it does get annoying when you try to tell someone their total for their groceries and they are on their phone. Restaurants and grocery stores are also not good places to use cell phones. But like…..IN the grocery store wouldn’t be bad, just in the lanes. I always just talk to them like they are not on their phone because there are usually other people waiting and I don’t have time to wait for them to get off of their phone 🙂

  19. tango_adamantine

    Yup I also think using one’s cellphone in public is rude. It is quite pompous and arrogant to do so because it tends to attract attention, intended or not. Another thing is that yes, a phone is a status symbol but flaunting it in public invites people with um, incontrollable "hand skills" to eye you as a potential target to get um, "benefits" from.

  20. MarianneG

    I don’t find this “rant” to be uptight or controlling at all. If you didn’t understand that the author of this post meant ignoring the public, and not just public places in general, well then you missed the point completely I’m afraid. It’s a bit sad when people can’t put their cellphone away for a few minutes while someone is checking them out. Being a cashier myself, I find this to be one of my biggest pet peeves. There are questions to be asked, and when I have to stand there, waiting for them just breath or hang up, I have a line forming, and they couldn’t care less. Talk about selfish.

    Now, I completely understand the need for a cellphone in an emergency, but cutting into a conversation you were having, to have another conversation with someone not immediately in front of you, but merely because they called is uncalled for. Shouldn’t I, the cashier be your first priority. I don’t mean to sound selfish myself, but if you want to have that little interaction with the public, then go to self-checkout…

    On another note. People who talk on their cellphones while going through the grocery store, are more likely to run into other carts and into end caps. They are often more likely to stand in the middle of an aisle while people are trying to get by. It’s just plain rude.

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